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    New light for

    Armeria Reale

    Armeria Reale,
    Turin, Italy

    New light for Armeria Reale. LED light-box for fibre optics and new solution for accent general lighting and showcases.
    Galleria Beaumont Armeria Reale_new light Ilti Luce

    Lighting of
    Beaumont Gallery

    represents a delicate point because the needs to evaluate a big number of finds in a ancient ambient. Thanks to new technologies it was possible to reduce power consumption, improving lighting performance, restoring visibility of arms, standing and on horseback armorers."


    - Mario Epifani. Art Collections Responsible, Musei Reali Torino

    Cavaliere Armeria Reale Torino
    Cavaliere Armeria Reale. Nuova illuminazione di Ilti Luce

    Customer challenge


    Armeria Reale is one of the most important museum in Turin starting from 1837. It collects all the ancient weapons possessed by different Savoy factories.

    Galleria Beaumont Armeria Reale_new light Ilti Luce

    The right lighting 


    For the new lighting of Armeria Reale, Ilti Luce provided three different kind of solutions. All traditional light-boxes have been replaced with Fibraled HP plus into showcases. A new LED light-box with low consumption and high CRI. In the meantime LED strips have been replaced with Miniflux HP gen.2. The new system premits a better lumen output in a minimal design products. The third solution is represented by Zoom spot track gen.2. This product engine is a 30W LED. It is composed by an zoom optic in order to adjust the beam angle from 15° to 60°, giving the possibility to obtain a suggestive and accent lighting. For this particular application Zoom spot track gen.2 has been integrated with a no-glare honeycomb grid.

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