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    on light

    Reggia di Venaria Reale,
    Turin, Italy

    Ilti Luce lights eight of the most important Raffaello's paintings.
    Raffaello. The Sun of the Arts. Reggia di Venaria, Italy

    Lighting Raphael's

    precisely is an important challenge. It needed of a faithful colour rendering, optic beam flexibility and a precise control of lumen output and projection. In my opinion, Ilti Luce won the challenge, through the products that provided us for the exhibition."


    - Arch. Giovanni Tironi, Exhibition project leader

    Raffaello the Sun of the Arts. Storie della vita di Maria. Pietro Vannucci Perugino.
    Raffaello The Sun of the Arts. Madonna col Bambino, Madonna del Granduca. Reggia di Venaria

    Customer challenge


    Reggia di Venaria Reale was one of the Savoy Residences. Since 1997 is included in UNESCO World Heritage list. In this prestigious location, the specific need was on lighting of big paintings, sometimes with a shaped light with no shadows and no reflections on the picture, using projector installed on track at 7m from ground.

    Raffaello The Sun of the Arts. Reggia di Venaria, Elisabetta Gonzaga portrait, Guy with apple portrait, La Muta

    Masterpieces on light


    The starting point of any efficient lighting solution is the analysis of the location and knowledge of the lighting products. Raffaello's paintings were important pictures in terms of prestige and dimension. They are full of colors and details. Ilti Luce decided to employ PerfectBeam, a new projector developed in partnership with Philips. This product is provided with variable zoom or framing optic. The projector version was chosen to suit the painting. Some pictures needed the light to be shaped in order to obtain a homogeneous lighting across the entire surface of the painting. Once the right products had been defined, and the appropriate colour temperature, projectors were installed on tracks and a precise lighting angle employed to light the picture without creating either shadow or reflection.


    The result was excellent. Perfect light for a stylish and suggestive exhibition.

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